Your Azure Migration Checklist

Your Azure Migration Checklist

Moving to the cloud has its challenges, but with the right approach and a migration strategy built to avoid obstacles, moving to the cloud can decrease risks and put you in control. Use this convenient checklist that summarizes everything you need in order to effectively manage your migration to Azure.

Phase 1 - Discovery

  • Itemize your applications.
  • Define your users and usage.
  • Identify network interdependencies.
  • Consider security and compliance regulations.
  • Gather a clear definition of your systems’ RTO and RPO.

Phase 2 - Assessments

  • Understand the methods for migrating apps to IaaS.
  • Build your team – considering internal resources and/or outsourcing.
  • Utilize Microsoft resources for specific skillsets.
  • Map on-premises third party solutions to determine how easily they will migrate

Phase 3 -Proof of Concept

  • Test your workload: Start small and prove value with a phased approach.
  • Estimate cloud costs.
  • Determine the amount and size of your compute and storage requirements.
  • Understand security requirements, and the need for network and security controls.
  • Assess network performance.
  • Qualify tools and solutions needed for the migration.

Phase 4 - Migration

  • Create a blueprint of your desired cloud environment.
  • Establish a rollback plan.
  • Identify tools for automating migration and syncing data.
  • Understand the implications of the production day data move.

Phase 5 - Cloud Operations

  • Keep up with the pace of innovation.
  • Utilize 24x7 support via skilled Azure resources.
  • Stay on top of system maintenance and upgrades.
  • Consider SLA requirements and take into account governance, security, compliance, performance, and uptime.
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